Hello, My name is Brooksie. I am an avid snacker and love to bake yummy treats. My story begins back in 2005, when I became vegan. Like everyone else, I LOVE sweet treats. It was such a struggle to find vegan options, especially tasty ones. What a bummer! I had to rectify this urgent problem, and became determined to create my own. But, where to begin?! Lucky for me, a magic lightbulb appeared above my head. I realized that I should try to veganize my favorite family dessert recipes. Thus, my baking journey had begun. After months of experimenting, I perfected my first recipe, the congo bar—>DELICIOUS! I was hooked and realized how much I loved baking. A few years later, and with a ton of encouragement from friends and family, I started Totally Sweet out of my home kitchen in Boston, MA. It began as word of mouth, taking custom orders for birthdays and weddings. Eventually, I landed a few accounts at local coffee shops. My day job ended up moving me out to the Midwest, which sadly put my dreams of a baking career on hold. After two years in the Motor City, and longing to do what I truly love, I decided to quit my day job and move to The Land. My plan is to build a customer base here in Cleveland, and eventually open a store front in my neighborhood. I am very lucky to have amazing friends all over the country (and 6 houses down the street) that are helping me make my dreams come true! 


334 Overlook Park Drive

Cleveland, OH 44110


(216) 307-4311